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We support all your transport refrigeration needs, whether it's service, repair, or a new solution.

We're Your Carrier Transicold Partner

CT Power is a W.W. Williams brand specializing in Carrier Transicold transport refrigeration solutions. We support all your transport refrigeration needs, whether it's service and repair or finding your new refrigeration solution.

For over 100 years, Carrier Transicold's temperature control solutions have been built using next-generation technologies, with the customer's product at front of mind. Since 1902, Carrier has been dedicated to advancing the heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration industries in order to enable global comfort and efficiency.Quality, performance, responsibility, innovation, customer care, and employee opportunity are the core values of Carrier. We see a lot of similarities between us, and that's why CT Power is proud to offer high quality support for Carrier products.

Find a Carrier Transicold Dealer & Service Center Near You

Need repair or service on your Carrier reefer unit or need a new solution? Count on our Mobile Service to get you back on the road before your perishable cargo is compromised.

Service, Support & Sales for Carrier Transicold

CT Power technicians have a wealth of experience in Carrier APU and reefer repair and service. We're also a proud service partner for Carrier Transicold warranty and maintenance coverage plans.


Extended Major Component Coverage (EMCC) is a straight-forward, practical way to provide uninterrupted coverage on major Carrier components. You can expect the following to help protect your Carrier truck, trailer, rail, or intermodal units:

  • Long-term coverage on key components
  • Factory-trained, expert technicians
  • Customizable coverage options
  • More predictable maintenance costs
  • A range of deductibles from $0 to $750
  • Protection from inflated repair costs



The shop is awesome and I don’t use anyone else. The biggest factor is how fast they are able to get the work done and get the equipment back on the road. 


W.W. Williams provides excellent customer service, the people were friendly, and they were knowledgeable. 

Independent Truck Driver Carrier Reefer Unit Service

I couldn’t ask for a better service experience. W.W. Williams has great people, they do a great job and are very helpful. 


The employees at W.W. Williams are willing to help and their service is outstanding. 

Independent Truck Driver Carrier Reefer Parts

I had an after hours call and when I pulled in the lot a tech was there waiting for me. When I informed him that I had a loaded trailer he got right to work and completed everything in 40 minutes so I could get back on the road. He did a great job. I would recommend W.W. Williams to anyone! 

Owner JAMES PRINCL DFG Carrier Reefer Trailer Repair

They were knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful at W.W. Williams. 

Independent Truck Driver Carrier Reefer Parts

W.W. Williams was helpful, very knowledgeable, and the shop was very clean. They fixed my issue, were nice, and didn’t overcharge me for the hours. 

Freight Forwarding Service Carrier Transicold Service

I am in the same industrial park as their competitor but drive past the to get to Carrier every time. I always choose W.W. Williams over the competition. I have been using them for years and they consistently exceed my expectations. I won’t go anywhere else! 


W.W. Williams has the friendliest, nicest people and they act like you are important and do what you need them to do. 

Trucking Company Carrier Reefer Parts

The service at W.W. Williams has always been very good and they always step up to the plate to help us out. 

Commercial Truck Leasing Company Carrier Reefer Parts

The W.W. Williams employees got the work done. 

Trucking Company Carrier Reefer Service

W.W. Williams always does a good job. They’ll deliver if I ask them to and they go out of their way to help.  

Logistics and Fleet Management Carrier Reefer Parts

W.W. Williams is good, friendly, and they always call back. They also work quickly to get us our vehicles back. 

Trucking Company Carrier Reefer Parts

W.W. Williams gets me right in when I have a problem. That’s a problem with other Carrier dealers who can’t get us in or take too long to get the work done. 

Trucking Company Carrier Reefer Unit Service

W.W. Williams Carrier fixed the issues quickly and correctly. 

Packaged Ice Supplier Carrier Reefer Repair

The W.W. Williams sales rep and the workers in the shop are awesome.  

Freight Transportation Company Carrier Reefer Parts

At W.W. Williams they are knowledgeable and have good availability. 

Truck and Trailer Dealership Carrier Reefer Parts

Anytime we need parts W.W. Williams is knowledgeable and they treat us fairly. 

Auto Repair Shop Carrier Reefer Parts


With the Comprehensive Maintenance and Repair Agreement (CMRA), you’ll get first-class maintenance and repair, bumper-to-bumper, across our dealer network in North America. With this guaranteed fixed-rate, cost per hour coverage program, you can expect:

  • Thorough inspections & preventative maintenance
  • Coverage up to 8 years/16,000 hours
  • Flexible program options
  • Customizable billing and reporting arrangements
  • Original factory warranty extensions available
  • Enhanced equipment resale value

Carrier Transicold Dealer

You can trust CT Power & Carrier to supply transport refrigeration products crafted with top of the line technology. We offer the full Carrier Transicold line, including:

  • Carrier Reefer Trailers
    – Vector 8500
    – Vector 8600MT
    – Vector 8100 (All Electric)
    – X7300
    – X7500
  • Carrier Reefer Units for Vans and Small Trucks
    – Integra 30S, 40X, and 50X
    – Supra 560, 660, 760, 860, and 960
    – Supra 950MT
    – NEOS 100 S (Electric)
  • Carrier Rail Refrigeration
    – X7300R
    – X7500R
  • Carrier Auxiliary Power Units
    Idle Free (All Battery)
  • Carrier Transicold Parts
    – Carrier Performance Parts
    – Kidde Fire Extinguishers
    – 20 Series Parts (Thermo King Replacements)
    – Mobile Innerspace Mattresses
    – Mobile Climate Control Bus Parts
    – 40 Series Parts (Thermo King Bus Replacement Parts)